Our Concord Dental Practice - Drs. R. Phelan, PA

      Almost everyone that comes through our office door comments on what a beautiful building it is.  We know the dental office is not everyone’s favorite place so we work hard to make your visit as comfortable as possible.  Live plants, soothing music, beverages, and current magazines all help create a relaxing atmosphere. Some patients even come early to catch a quiet moment with the daily paper. 

    On the other side of the waiting room doors, you’ll find our experienced clinical team.  Both doctors and staff take their continuing education seriously, constantly searching for new and better ways to help keep our patients in top oral health.  We regularly attend courses and dental conventions, subscribe to a number of dental journals and maintain memberships with various dental associations. 


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    Our Concord dentists maintain a high standard of care for all their patients.  Their greatest wish is to help patients keep their natural teeth for life.  We value prevention, with a focus on oral hygiene.  We realize that every mouth and every patient is different.  Our hygienists are accomplished at helping you find the best tools and techniques to keep your mouth healthy.  We do our best to catch any potential problems early with regular x-rays and comprehensive exams.  Oral cancer screenings are performed at every visit.  If and when a breakdown does occur, the doctors are well trained in many types of restorative treatment.  Dr. Ralph Phelan prides himself on creating crowns and fillings that could be mistaken for natural teeth.  Dr. Ray Phelan is a trained prosthodontist, specializing in partials and dentures that will let you maintain your lifestyle.  Both are very experienced with implants as well.  

    Finally, it is important to us that no one ever feels rushed through an appointment.  The doctors make a concerted effort to be sure their patients know they are being heard, whether it’s regarding their dental health or their personal life.  We truly do consider our patients to be an extended family even if the dental office isn’t your favorite place to call “home”.   

    If our practice sounds like it might be a good fit for you, please contact our office in Concord and schedule an appointment today!

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