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Restorative Care in Concord - Drs. R. Phelan, PA

Beautiful teeth come from maintaining strong dental health. Dr. Ralph Phelan and his team provide myriad restorative treatments to address dental issues and improve dental health for the whole family. Call our dental office in Concord and schedule a consultation with Dr. Phelan to explore your options for restoring and maintaining a good-looking smile.

Restorations in Concord

Our Concord dentist is experienced in giving gentle dental care that restores health while improving on the aesthetics of the smile. Our dental team is comprised of a team of skilled hygienists and proficient staff that aid in conducting routine maintenance as well as extended care in periodontal treatments. 

Our practice addresses issues such as decay, gum disease, missing teeth, damage, malocclusion, and temporomandibular joint (TMJ) dysfunction. Services we provide include:

Full-Range Recall Care provided by our dentist and hygienists ensure patients maintain excellent dental health whether recovering from a previous issue or routinely managing their health.

Periodontal Therapy is necessary in order to manage gingivitis and prevent periodontitis. Also known as deep cleaning or scaling and root planing, this treatment removes tartar from below the gum line to allow the body’s natural healing process to take place. Our experienced hygienist provides continuing maintenance care after the initial treatment to ensure patients receive beneficial results.

Implant-Supported Dentures completely replace teeth while providing support for both the jaw bone and prosthetic teeth. This procedure can restore performance and prevent signs of premature aging.

TMJ Treatment, including occlusal guards, can be administered to patients suffering from teeth grinding, jaw clenching, and discomfort in the jaw caused by malocclusion. 

Discover Your Best Smile Yet

Our team of healthcare professionals is ready to provide you with the necessary care to restore your dental health and beauty back to your smile. Schedule your next dental appointment with Dr. Phelan and explore your restoration options. Contact us today!

Restorative services we provide extend to Hopkinton, Bow, Hookset, and other cities in Merrimack County. 

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