Testimonials - Dentistry in Concord - Drs. R. Phelan, PA

Here is what other patients are saying.....

"I couldn't have been in any better hands or felt more warmth and kindness in getting back to a road of healthy teeth! Thank you!"

Mary DeAngelis

"I am Dr. Phelan's biggest fan. I've been coming to him for over thirty years! He will always be my Dentist for the "Big" stuff. I'm not really ready to give up having Dr. Phelan as my Dentist and would like to continue to be a patient but I think it's good to have a Dentist in my Neighborhood for when I can't make it up (from Massachusetts) for regular cleanings.

(My) new Dentist said " your Dentist is very,very good. You have some of the best Dental work I have ever seen!" I was happy about that but not surprised. Dr. Phelan is a great Dentist!!"

Sadie Dudley

"This is not a dentist office, it is a dental palace with all the amenities!

Art Brown

"To a wonderful staff and an excellent dentist! I don't think I could have more faith and trust in another dentist as I do you. You actually have made coming to the dentist office a positive thing. From a person who would rather go months (years!) with a toothache before seeking help. Thank you!"

unknown (from office comment book)

"Only here am I comfortable and calm - about to see the dentist."


"You're the best to my 92-year-old mom. Thank you!"


"What could be better than the dentist, dark chocolate, and wine? I put them all in the same category!"

-current patient

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